I Will Follow You Into The Dark

Survey Team 3
Survey Team 3
First Air Date:
September 9, 2021

After defeating Riyaka in an incendiary battle over Dawn's Edge, what has become of the village, and Bob the Griffon! Featuring the amazing Inch Chua!Please take a moment to subscribe and like - we'd love for more people to come across us and experience the wacky world of Urtu!Welcome to the journey of Marabanda Survey Team 3 and welcome to the World of Urtu! In the 4th Culture Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) Stream, we follow the trials and heroics of Jembadar (Major/Captain) Yrsa (Sheena Chan), Private Kie (Lisa Yeo), Sergeant Barra (Jo Tan) and Corporal Kaman (Edward Choy). As part of an elite group, Marabanda Survey Team 3, within the Sihir Tabak, the armed forces of the Namandan Union, they set out across the shattered face of Urtu to try to upset the plans of nefarious demigods, scheming empires and mysterious creatures as they learn the truth behind this ravaged world. Join the journeys of Marabanda Survey Team 3, every Monday evening at 730pm Singapore (Asia) time live on twitch as they range out across the shattered face of Urtu to try to discover the plans of nefarious demigods, and the truth behind a dangerous world. Youtube uploads are usually Thursdays! Join our Discord and chat with us in real time even when we're not streaming https://t4c.online/discord! 0:00:00. Welcome to the 4th culture0:08:29. Session 15 Recap3:25:49. End of Session 16https://t4c.online twitter: @t4c_online insta: @the4thculture twitch: twitch.tv/the4thculture

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