I'm Like a Bard, But I Can Fly Away

Survey Team 3
Survey Team 3
First Air Date:
September 9, 2021

Uncertain of his intentions towards Kie, Barra's suspicion of the Ikemen Bardadin Bh'an (making a Guest appearance, Bang Ong @seebangnow) continues as the party comes down off the adrenalin from the fight with the giant lizards - only for them to come up against a new problem.Content warning: Mature Themes, Hallucinogenic Intoxicants, Brainswapping, Bard-offs, err, DERAILs ...Welcome aboard the Voyages of Marabanda Survey Team 3 - a Liveplay Dungeons & Dragons stream from sunny Singapore. Set in the wild, wonderful World of Urtu which draws from Asian mythology and culture, the Voyages of Survey Team Three revolve around the trials and tribulations of Jembadar (Major/Captain) Yrsa (Sheena Chan) - an alternately manic and maternal Goblin Bar-bear-ian, Private Kie Nao (Lisa Yeo) - a little Halfling Monk with a big destiny, Sergeant Barra (Jo Tan) - a boy-bard known as ‘The Thunder from Nagaranda’ who rocks a six-pack and superstar dreams, and Corporal Kaman (Edward Choy) - a lone amnesiac Elf with mysterious links to the vanished deity, Eijnar. As part of their mandatory military service, they find themselves traversing the shattered face of Urtu to try to upset the plans of nefarious demigods , scheming empires and twisted creatures as they learn the truth behind their ravaged world - whilst dealing with their own growing power and plausibly misplaced loyalties. Join the 4th Culture Dungeons & Dragons D&D Stream on twitch.tv/the4thculture every Monday evening at 730PM Singapore time (UTC+8) for this non-Eurocentric, highly customised, home-brew Dungeons & Dragons game played live and unscripted (primarily in English, but with a garnish of various other languages) and with ample audience interaction! Content Warning: We do use adult humour and language, there are representations of violence, our DM Ramji has three accents (all of which might be deemed offensive) and one player also persists in using an accent that someone has told her is unconvincing. As a bonus feature, join our growing community on Discord and chat with Survey Team 3 and our friends around the globe- https://t4c.online/discord- twitter: @t4c_online - insta: @the4thculture - twitch: https://twitch.tv/the4thcultureCW: Adult Language, Bad Accents.# Timestamps0:00:00. Welcome to the 4th culture0:08:46. Session 17 Recap2:49:00. End of Session 18

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