Game Theory Special: Unbreakable: Revolution

Game Theory
Game Theory
First Air Date:
August 20, 2021

DM Ramji reviews Unbreakable: Revolution by the folks over at;DR: Very interesting and defintiely worth buying - head over to commercial affiliation beyond receiving a press copy for review.- - twitter: @t4c_online - insta: @the4thculture - twitch: Introduction4:15. Table of Contents6:50. BIG RAT, Don't Eat My Millet 9:52. Days of Power, Plunder, & Plot14:31. Make of thee an Instrument of Peace20:05. Bad Luck Fortune24:29. The Crimson Uprising37:51. The Mountain's Shroud42:59. The First Diya of Navratri55:32. Artist Shout Out56:41. Editors & Sensitivity Readers1:04:09. Thoughts about the work of Unbreakable Publishers

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