Heroforge and Talespire - How To Do It with AssestStudio, Blender, and Patience

Game Theory
Game Theory
First Air Date:
December 2, 2021

DM Ramji shows you how to take Heroforge Miniatures and add them to Talespire!At some point, this will become a core feature of Talespire, but until then, this is how to import your heroforge models.

Reference Links:AssetStudio

00:00:00 TOC.
00:03:00 Creating a heroforge character - Buggs Barbarian.
00:05:16 Getting a digital copy of Buggs the Barbarian.
00:06:34 Downloading the Digital Buggs and looking inside the bundle.
00:07:30 Preparing the file for use in blender with AssetStudio.
00:11:45 Blender.
00:14:00 Blender Magic Numbers for Transformations.
00:18:00 Using r2modman to launch talespire.
00:19:15 Using Buggs the Barbarian with CMP.
00:20:20 TLDR Summary/Recap of what you have to do.

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