The Cast Die Vs From Afar Podcast

Dragon's Duel
Dragon's Duel - Season 2 Championship Games
First Air Date:
July 13, 2022

In the third episode of Dragons Duel we host Mark & Ryan from the Cast Die Podcast& David & Gudval from From Afar Podcast! Continued in live unedited glory!

This weeks games are then as follows:
00:00:00 Start
00:11:30 - Intro
00:19:30 - Roll For Race & Alignment
00:29:10 - 1: Strength: Mindflayer Matheletics
00:48:30 - 2: Dexterity: Dragon Art
01:15:15 - 3: Constitution: Counterspell
01:26:00 - Intermission
01:41:15 - 4: Intelligence: Comprehend Languages
02:01:15 - 5: Wisdom: Divination (Ahhhh...)
02:17:26 - Floor Hands
02:20:25 - 6: Charisma: Celebrity Polymorph
02:35:50 - Roll For Class & Outro


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The Intro music was created by myself, with samples from 80s TV intro’s to the D&D cartoon, as well as from D&D TSR adverts, Yu-Gi-Oh ユグオ, & the D&D movie from 2000, which I am still surprised Jeremy Irons said yes to!
The backing track is Hackers by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio
We also use music & Sound Effects from Epidemic Sounds
We have been inspired by & borrowed ideas from the BBC's Just A Minute, Who's Line Is It Anyway,& Medium from Greater Than Games
All other original material in this work is copyright 2020 by Hamilton

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