Babar's Bandits - One-Shots Part 1

Dragon's Duel
Dragon's Duel - Season 2 Championship Games
First Air Date:
July 13, 2022

BaBar's Bandits & The Mausoleum of Chronepsis

Chris from CarniSideShow as BaBar Monarch Du Jourthe LE Loxodon Path of the Beserker Barbarian - a deposed ruler seeking to reclaim his throne from his Evil Draco-Lich brother Retaxes.
Kel from Awfully Queer Heroes as Bertha Maggotthe LE Human Shadow Magic Sorcerer - BaBar's faithful aide
Ramji from The 4th Culture as Steely Dan IIIthe CE Warforged (Broken Jukebox) Oathbreaker Paladin - Their broken Jukebox guard.

with Chris Hislop from Roll Together RPG as Errathe CG Aborrent Mind Sorcerer - their planar guide as they search the Mausoleum Of Chronepsis, a ruinous city, ruled over by the Dragon God of Fater Chronepsis. to find Retaxes Soul-Hourglass, in order to destroy them!

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The Intro music was created by Hamiliton, with samples from 80s TV intro’s to the D&D cartoon, as well as from D&D TSR adverts, Yu-Gi-Oh ユグオ, & the D&D movie from 2000, which I am still surprised Jeremy Irons said yes to!

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