Theatre Macabre
First Air Date:
September 13, 2022

Theatre Macabre

1st Misery

Graves Left Wanting

1.1 Deadn't

Four cursed souls find themselves left amongst the dead, in the endless mist of the Grand Cemetery of Graven-Tosk. As these wretched beings navigate the tunnels, halls and crypts of this palace of rot, they find that the dead no longer rest as they once did. These Deadn't creatures feast on flesh, as others cackle as they continue to revel in haunting merryment as their bones merge with the mist that surrounds.

Notes on the Game: Theatre Macabre is a MÖRK BORG actual play using the 'Graves Left Wanting' Published adventure as a basis.MÖRK BORG is a rules light TTRPG which is based on the OSR. This first series composes a 5 episode arc of each ~1 hour long.

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